Board: $200.00/month flat rate, no hidden fees.
What your board includes:
Heated Water Bucket Indoors in the winter
Heated Water Trough Outside in the winter
High Quality Grass Hay Mix Indoors
High Quality Grass Hay Mix Round Bales Outdoors
Senior Feed
Holding for Farrier or Vet (when available)
Blanket, Fly Mask, etc. Application
Box Fan in the Summer
12′ x 12′ Box Stall, in Daily, Season Determines Time of Day
Hot water Available at any Horse Show or Event we attend
Shavings for Events off Property
Grain and Hay for Events off Property
Manure Fork and Wheelbarrow for Events off Property
Water Bucket and Holder for Events off Property
Supplement adding
Trailer Storage
Tack Storage

Hauling to events
Show prep grooming
Lights for Faster Shedding
1st month only- 1 water bucket and 2 grain bucket, they will be labeled with your horse’s name, trying to prevent the spread of “yuck”

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